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Charles Shaffer


Charles A. Shaffer graduated from the Jeff-Tech trade school in Reynoldsville, PA in May of 1973 as a machinist. He worked for Miller Welding and Machine Co. for twenty-six years and worked his way up from machinist to machine shop foreman, Computer IT, Human Relations, Engineering and Safety. He took care of the computer system and upgrades as needed. In 1997 he became self-employed for P-C Industries, Inc. with his partner inventing the AutoFil Recycler Machine which recycled flatproofing material from industrial tires which proved to be a much better way of flatproofing than the then traditional chunking method.


He has two patents to his name in the flatproofing industry. In 2012, he bought his partner out and changed the name of the company to Dartonya Manufacturing, Inc. which is a job shop and contract manufacturing company. He has also done various prototyping for several customers using his machining and engineering skills to produce unique inventions. 

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